We operate not only as a listing service, but also run educational programs for students and landlords, hosting a variety of events and programs throughout the year. Be sure to watch the “Highlights” section of the site for upcoming events.
The accommodation listings are not restricted; you do not need an account in order to review the ads – simply go to the “Search for Rental Housing” section of our site to begin your search.

Property owners and managers can advertise their vacancies with us by calling the office to place the ad over the phone, by visiting the office in person, or by setting up an on-line account through our website .   Student s are also welcome to set up an account in order to advertise a room for rent or sublet .  Payments can be made on-line using Visa, MasterCard or American Express, or debit and cash in person.

All ads run for 30 days at a time.  Ads can be taken down once rented, but no refunds will be issued.  Our advertising fees are as follows:

Basic ad
(you can upload 1 photo):
(incl. HST)
Deluxe ad
(you can upload 5 photos, and the ad title will be bolded)
(incl. HST)
Double ad
(run one ad for 2 months at a time; can upload 4 photos and the ad title will be bolded)
(incl. HST)
Triple ad
(run one ad for 3 months at a time; can upload 4 photos per ad and the ad title will be bolded)
price101.70 (incl. HST)
Featured ad
(receive additional features to promote your ad for the month)
  • Can upload up to 6 photos
  • Ad will be bolded, with different colour scheme from other ads
  • Your ad will rotate through the “Featured Properties” section
  • Receive one free lawn sign per rental address

(incl. HST)

Bump up your ad to the "top of the list" (until another ad is
posted in that category)
(incl. HST)

Need photos for your ad, but don’t have a camera?

Let us take them for you!  We will take photos for you, size them and upload them to your ad for the following fees:

Have a camera, but don’t know how to upload the photos?
Email them to us at macoffcampus@mcmaster.ca and we’ll take care of it for you.