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Landlord’s Rental Accountability Certificate

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Rental Accountbility Program
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The terms of this Landlord’s Certificate apply to the rental property located at:

(1) I, the owner of the said property hereby certify to all tenants that the following is true and correct about the property in all material respects: 

(i)  that all requirements under the Residential Tenancies Act have been complied with at the date hereof and shall be complied with hereafter;
(ii)  that I shall  maintain the following specific conditions with regard to the Property:   
(Please note that the conditions 'a' through 'k' are taken directly from the Landlord and Tenant Board, www.ltb.gov.on.ca)

a. I will ensure the Property is in a good state of repair and that all Equipment/appliances/furniture which I provide to the tenant shall be kept in working order including, without limitation:

  • electrical, plumbing or heating systems;
  • appliances;
  • carpets in the unit or common areas;
  • walls, roofs, ceilings;
  • windows, doors, locks, lighting;
  • garages, laundry rooms, patios walkways.

b. I shall make a concerted effort to control pests such as cockroaches and mice.

c. I shall ensure a fair rent is charged as allowed under the Residential Tenancies Act.

d. I shall ensure no illegal, additional charges are administered to a tenant, sub-tenant or prospective tenant such as a damage deposit or key deposit.

e. I shall ensure not to withhold or interfere with the reasonable supply of a vital service, which includes hot or cold water, fuel, electricity, natural gas and heat (during the prescribed time).

f. I shall ensure the tenant receives payment of interest on the rent deposit when required.

g. I shall ensure a rent receipt is given immediately upon payment, or when requested including a former tenant who asks for a receipt within 12 months after the tenancy is terminated.

h. I shall ensure the tenant(s) have a signed copy of the lease no later the 20 days after the day the lease was signed.

 i. I shall ensure to not make a tenant move out of a rental unit by giving the tenant a notice of termination for a reason that the I knew was untrue.

j. I shall return a security deposit to a prospective tenant if I cannot give the tenant vacant possession of the rental unit.

k. I shall ensure that all written and verbal agreements made prior to signing the lease regarding maintenance, repairs and renovations are completed in a timely fashion.

l. I shall ensure that all fire protection and smoke detection equipment for the premises is present and in proper operating order in accordance with all applicable requirements of the City of Hamilton .

(2) I hereby covenant and agree as follows:

a.  If the University determines in its sole discretion that I have failed to adhere to the standards described in section (1) of this agreement, the University may give me written notice requiring me to take the steps to remedy such non-compliance. If, in the University’s reasonable discretion, I do not attempt to take the appropriate steps to cure the deficiency within fourteen (14) days of the written notice, my property may be terminated automatically without further warning from the Rental Accountability Program, thereby revoking all privileges granted under the program.

b. The University shall not be liable for any damages suffered directly or indirectly from my lease of the Property governed by this Declaration, or arising out of this Declaration and I hereby release the University, its officers, trustees and employees from any such liability and waive any rights to make a claim against the University, its officers, trustees or employees for any damages of any kind resulting from this Declaration and indemnify the University from and against all claims arising from its reliance or the reliance of any third party on the certifications or breach of any covenant contained herein.

c.  Nothing in this Certificate creates an agency or employment relationship between myself and the University.

d.  This agreement shall terminate if:

  1. you cease to own the rental unit subject to this Declaration; or
  2. the agent ceases to act for you with respect to the unit subject to this Declaration unless the University has consented in writing to the transfer of ownership or change of agent as the case may be.

e.  I will notify the University in writing of a pending change in ownership or agent, 7 days prior to the change or agency.

I have agreedI agree all terms herein are true and current in all material respects, and understand my obligations and consequences to participate in the program.

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This certificate is effective for one calendar year,
starting this day of: and expiring this day of .
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