Accommodation Type Sample Rent
1 bedroom apt.(click for floor plan) $500 - $800
2 bedroom apt.(click for floor plan) $600 - $900
3 bedroom apt. $850 - $1200
Bachelor(click for floor plan) $400 - $550
Houses (5 bedroom) $1500 - $2000
Rooms $350 - $450

Closer to Mac is more expensive - pay for convenience - consider using bus pass and moving to a zone further away. Zone 3 has nice accommodation (Hwy 403 to St. Joseph's Hospital, and south of King St.) And rooms are often $25 to $50/month less than Zone 1. Bus passes are now free to undergraduate students during the school year!

Zones 1 & 2 have 5-8 bedroom houses
Zones 3 & 4 have more apartments, but there are some apartments in Zones 1 & 2 (particularly Main St. W.)

Students should be aware of a City of Hamilton by-law requiring a designation of "rooming house" for units with four or more tenants/rooms. A "rooming house" designation impacts fire regulations, physical amenity requirements (ie, bathroom facilities). Please contact Hamilton City Hall or the Hamilton Fire Department for further details concerning the by-law.

UTILITIES: cable, hydro, water, sewers, gas/oil(?), phone

Things to think about: Is the apartment/house air conditioned? This is expensive. Electric heat is more expensive than oil/gas. If it's oil heated, is the tank full when you move in? Do you have to fill it before you move out? Is there laundry equipment? Do you have to go to a laundromat? There is a substantial fee to hook up cable, phone, gas, etc., so include those costs in your budget.

Accommodation Type Warm Weather Winter
5 or 6 bedroom house $30 $40 - $55
4 bedroom house $40 - $50 $40 - $60
2 & 3 bedroom apt $30 - $50 $30 - $60
1 bedroom apt $50 $65

BEST TIMES TO LOOK: Landlords advertise all year long. Be patient and keep checking the listings. You've seen a great place now and want to snag it! Great! But look around too. You might be surprised what's out there! When do you have to start paying rent? May 1? Are you able to sublet for the summer? Remember - you're financially responsible for the rent (and the state of the repair) while you're subletting. There are LOTS of listings available in July and August - just before Labour Day landlords may offer an 8-month lease or lower rents. Sometimes you can get a deal if you don't mind waiting.

PROBLEMS? Drop by the Off-Campus Resource Centre on the lower level of MUSC B112, we may be able to help you or at least point you in the right direction for assistance. If you are having a bad experience (or even a good experience), we'd like to hear from you…. OCRC and Public Relations are interested in how tenants feel about their landlords and accommodations.